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poem- scrubbed November 27, 2017

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The elderly loved one

has a house, and

that house has a mouse

and another mouse

and another mouse.

A mouse family,

A mouse neighbourhood,

A mouse community,

A mouse town,

A mouse city.


It might be a welcome diversion–

Adorable fluffballs,

with round pink ears,

dangling tails, would be

delightful entertainment,

were their planners better

sanitary engineers.

Their dereliction

leads to mass eviction!

Bleach and scrubbing!

Now there’s interdiction,

sweet mousies who survive,

to you a benediction:

for happy life,

in another jurisdiction!




poem- squeak November 26, 2017

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Rustling in the walls

“There’s a party going on around here”

Scurrying feet

Confidence in numbers

Why hide anymore?

Rodent rave!

Objects become vermin cesspools

reaking sewers of

spoiled food.

Pestilential festival!

Families unveiled:

babies, cousins, great-grandparents

intergenerational bliss.

There have been too many creature comforts.

Exterminator is not as successful

as one would hope.

Carpets ripped up

Insulation pulled out

Clean. Clean. Clean

Bleach billows in the mist.

Can anyone lend a cat?



(Helping a relative clean up after an infestation.  Huge, very expensive, disgusting job!)




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