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poem- squeak November 26, 2017

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Rustling in the walls

“There’s a party going on around here”

Scurrying feet

Confidence in numbers

Why hide anymore?

Rodent rave!

Objects become vermin cesspools

reaking sewers of

spoiled food.

Pestilential festival!

Families unveiled:

babies, cousins, great-grandparents

intergenerational bliss.

There have been too many creature comforts.

Exterminator is not as successful

as one would hope.

Carpets ripped up

Insulation pulled out

Clean. Clean. Clean

Bleach billows in the mist.

Can anyone lend a cat?



(Helping a relative clean up after an infestation.  Huge, very expensive, disgusting job!)




14 Responses to “poem- squeak”

  1. grumpygorman Says:

    Oh boy.. I’d lend mine.. but he’s adverse to ‘work’

  2. Yuck! New York city has a serious rat infestation problems.
    Rats are on the subway tracks and platforms. As you enter and exit the subway stations rats are right along side you nor are they afraid of humans. New York city rats are bigger and larger than most cats.
    My Brooklyn neighborhood is afflicted with large numbers of rats. I have contacted my elected officials. Hopefully action will be taken.

    • Yikes! At least these are only mice (and not at MY house!!). I’ve only seen one wild rat, a small one in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. I’m going over help with cleaning later today. Miserable work the little beasts cause! (Because of bulk food stored in bags instead of sealed jars).

      • My cat Sylvester deals with mice very well but New York city rats are bigger and larger than most cats. Since I work at night during the spring and summer months the rats are swarming around the subway stations and streets. It’s really disgusting and an obvious health hazard.

  3. slimyslang Says:

    Rodents need thanksgiving too 🙂

  4. The shrieks of the poisoned vermin still echo. It’s been 26 years, almost, since we left Jeju.

  5. […] via poem- squeak — Shawn L. Bird […]

  6. syl65 Says:

    I hope you survived unscathed!

  7. Watching the little rodents scurrying across a playground once I think it’s a thing to take seriously.

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