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poem- hockey night at our house April 20, 2018

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I turn on the TV:
Hockey commentary.
I am ten again.
Dad’s in the family room.
Arguing with the ref.
I feel a rush of nostalgia.
Turn the channel.


poem- hockey players November 23, 2014

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One by one

the hockey players walked past

assorted young men in suits

older men in team jackets

family and friends trailing behind.

The Chicago Blackhawks lost to

the Vancouver Canucks tonight.

There was no celebration in the lobby

as they filed by.

Some people were excited,

but since I don’t watch hockey,

they didn’t impress me.

They were just well dressed young men,

less well dressed older men

and dejected friends and family,

hanging out in the hotel.


what’s in a name? May 20, 2011

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I’m taking page out of the blog of my old pal Ralph Hass today with a sport’s commentary… (tongue in cheek though it may be!)

The big sports news in Canada today is that negotiations are in progress to bring the Atlantic Thrashers to Winnipeg.  Manitobans are dancing in the streets over the idea of a return to NHL hockey in their province. The next question is, “What will they be called?” Some are determined that the team should harken back nostalgically and be called the Winnipeg Jets; others think the team should keep its name and become the Winnipeg Thrashers.

I vote for “None of the Above” and submit that the name should both be new and something meaningful for the province. Something powerful.  A name that conveys a real force of nature.

I vote for The Red River Flood.

The Manitoba Sandbaggers?

The Winnipeg Dikebreakers?

If you don’t like those, how about The Prairie Blizzard?  That might be the ideal choice, actually, since it includes 3 provinces, and prairie blizzards can strike ferociously any time during the extremely long  hockey season…

I mean really, what do Jets and Thrashers have to do with anything?  At least lets have a name that tells you something about the people who support the team. Manitoba Threshers fits with the agriculture of the region.  Maybe that would work?

 Good luck Winnipeg.  May the flood water recede and the NHL return.


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