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Poem-sisters August 27, 2020

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Three bitter sisters




What planted those seeds

That swelled with pain

Wound* roots

Those wounds** rooting

around around

deep deeper deepest

Shoots spread painful shots

cruel words

Bloom with false faces:

kindness for friends

peevish pieces for families,

never words children

needed to hear.

Three bitter sisters

Broken spirits

planting bitterness

for decades,


so many sad


*(past tense of wind)

**(synonym of injury)


poem- destiny November 7, 2018

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They say our traumas get encoded in our DNA,

and travel through the generations,

How much of our destiny

is granddad’s addiction, or

grandma’s depression?

Daddy’s tortured in the war,

the screams of his dreams

choke his children’s children,

how is this so?

We see reverberations

of nature, but seek solace in nurture.

Can education and positive choices

eradicate the history?

Wash clean old wounds?

Slowly nurture the nature of the DNA

to create a new playbook?

It may.






poem- circles June 7, 2016

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Spinning circles


daughter mother



son father



Apples falling

from apple trees


Same old punches

Same old stories

Same old shouts

Same old glories



  mothers, daughters


fathers,  sons


No one steps out of the centrifuge

Spinning in



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