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poem- destiny November 7, 2018

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They say our traumas get encoded in our DNA,

and travel through the generations,

How much of our destiny

is granddad’s addiction, or

grandma’s depression?

Daddy’s tortured in the war,

the screams of his dreams

choke his children’s children,

how is this so?

We see reverberations

of nature, but seek solace in nurture.

Can education and positive choices

eradicate the history?

Wash clean old wounds?

Slowly nurture the nature of the DNA

to create a new playbook?

It may.






7 Responses to “poem- destiny”

  1. I’ve had enough trauma from this lifetime that I don’t want to take on anymore trauma but I definitely have done so as an inter-generational indian residential school survivor. I do ceremony to honour my ancestors and give thanks but to also ask Creator to please disconnect from their trauma load. ❤

    • I always theorize that looking something in the eye removes a lot of its power. Just knowing that trauma load is part of the burden means you know to carry it so it doesn’t tangle around your feet. Ceremony is wonderful. Peace to you and to your ancestors.

  2. kalabalu Says:

    You can not escape can understand it and make yourself better perhaps..

  3. This poem makes one think, and that is the beauty of this selection.

  4. magarisa Says:

    Well expressed and thought provoking.

  5. amiweirdblog Says:

    Quite likely, come to think about it. So maybe survival is thinking

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