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poem- scratching January 23, 2019

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Pens poised,

Paper rustling.


Destiny scratched

into this exam.

Future doors open or close.

You can ruin your life!


Don’t stress.

Life is not a straight road.

If an exam slams a door,

wiggle through windows,

force up foundations,

drop down the chimney.

Destiny is carved in determination,

not scratched in this exam.


poem-seeing November 8, 2018

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We fight to see

through blurs,

double vision,

colour corrected, blue filter.

Which is better, one

or two?


or two?

Where do the eyes track

as you read this text?

What games does your brain play

with your eyes?

How are you blind?

Through which lenses can you see?




Due to my ongoing concussion symptoms, I had a visual therapy evaluation today. Fascinating stuff.  Got me thinking about sight.


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