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poem-seeing November 8, 2018

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We fight to see

through blurs,

double vision,

colour corrected, blue filter.

Which is better, one

or two?


or two?

Where do the eyes track

as you read this text?

What games does your brain play

with your eyes?

How are you blind?

Through which lenses can you see?




Due to my ongoing concussion symptoms, I had a visual therapy evaluation today. Fascinating stuff.  Got me thinking about sight.


7 Responses to “poem-seeing”

  1. Praying for your complete healing and Restoration.

    Back in November 2008 I had an ocular occlusion in my left eye. Meaning I had a stroke in my left eye. Part of my retina became detached. For a a year I could only see light and dark from that eye then January 2009 I had retina surgery. My vision is still blurred but I can see light, dark, colors and shapes. I went through some scary times over the last ten years and I’ve had to make adjustments but I would never wish vision problems on anyone. Honestly I was frightened and frustrated. I had to ask for help which was a blow to my pride.

    Fortunately I can still see fairly well using my right eye even with poor depth perception. Audiobooks are my friends. I still pursue my passions of Photography and painting. Naturally I must visit my eye specialist several times a year. I would say that the experience humbled me. Through it all God is still good. I’m thankful for all the eye specialist doctors that I’ve had over the last ten years. I’m blessed.

    I send you prayers, healing vibrations and Blessings.

  2. D Says:

    I had post concussion syndrome last year, spent 4 weeks in bed with the room spinning, you have my sympathy, it’s horrible. Never heard of light therapy though. Hope you heal well and quickly. x

  3. Best wishes with your post-concussion therapy.

  4. Best wishes with your concussion therapy.

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