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Poem- Cold night stars May 6, 2013

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‘Neath Cold night stars

that come undone

they glow afar

new life begun.

Breathe, you’re alive!

Ignore the scars

Rain washes sighs

making time ours

new life begun

‘neath cold night stars.


reneged engagement March 11, 2013

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He lies broken

pain unspoken

Splintered into pieces

Splattered into feces

Love rejected

Hope ejected

He lies broken

Pointless token

A golden dream

Not ring but phleame

His blood is let

His face is wet

The diamond cuts

into his guts

From sleep awoken

He is broken



(What does it feel like to be the guy proposing on the big screen, when the girl says no?  Ouch.)

This poem is mostly written in trochaic dimeter- STRESS-unstress X 2.  The exceptions are the second couplet, which is trochaic trimeter, and the penultimate line which adds an unstressed beat at the beginning).


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