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poem- beautiful November 3, 2015

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I am not beautiful

to you,

I am not the one whom you should wake next to.

you should not woo;

Lest you regret your nuptial day

and prove untrue with

someone who


beautiful to



poem- brush off December 29, 2013

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Thanks for the compliment,

but I’m not interested.


You seem like a nice guy,

and some girl will be lucky

to have you,

but I’m not interested.



it’s like this,

to be honest,

I’m kind of repelled by you,

your breath is rank,

you have an unpleasant body odor

that is not masked by that cologne,

(which, by the way, I think

I’m allergic to)

your hair hasn’t been washed

in way too long

and the pustules erupting on your

forehead and your emaciated form,

do nothing to attract me.

The state of your clothing

suggests a negative cash flow.

So you see, I’m not interested.

I don’t need a Chippendale

or a millionaire,

but a little effort on your part

would help your cause.


I’m not a bitch, buddy,

I’m just not interested.


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