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poem- brush off December 29, 2013

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Thanks for the compliment,

but I’m not interested.


You seem like a nice guy,

and some girl will be lucky

to have you,

but I’m not interested.



it’s like this,

to be honest,

I’m kind of repelled by you,

your breath is rank,

you have an unpleasant body odor

that is not masked by that cologne,

(which, by the way, I think

I’m allergic to)

your hair hasn’t been washed

in way too long

and the pustules erupting on your

forehead and your emaciated form,

do nothing to attract me.

The state of your clothing

suggests a negative cash flow.

So you see, I’m not interested.

I don’t need a Chippendale

or a millionaire,

but a little effort on your part

would help your cause.


I’m not a bitch, buddy,

I’m just not interested.


18 Responses to “poem- brush off”

  1. I think I wouldn’t be interested either. Well said Shawn.

  2. DoRo Says:

    Well said, I must say!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. timthepoet Says:

    The singles game, I’m so glad I’m not in it anymore.

  4. davidprosser Says:

    Blimey, I only said Hello.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. words4jp Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful giggle to start my day. This is a poem that should be kept in a wallet and brought out when it is required:)

  6. Kim13 Says:

    Can I get this on a tee shirt?

  7. ajeegray Says:

    Reblogged this on AjeeGray.

  8. LOL!! Love this poem. My thoughts almost every day to these sorry guys who approach me trying to get my phone number so they can get a hook-up. No dates now a days, guys just want FWB status (Friends with Benefits). Then are all the Facebook MacDaddies who already have a woman but are trying to build their own personal harem. Scrubs!! For some reason guys can’t believe a woman can be happily single. This also goes for my female friends who constantly try to push me towards relationships I’m not interested in. Anyway TLC made the perfect song for your poem. No Scrubs ~

  9. Reblogged this on Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit and commented:
    This poem says it all for all these Scrubs, Facebook MacDaddies and goes who want FWB hookups. No Scrubs ~

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