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poem- button (on a blue shirt) September 11, 2013

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I’m nuttin’

but a simple button.

battling the blues.

Holding fast

amid adversity

standing against stress and strain

I see you stare

I do not care.

While ripping seams are heard in dreams

accompanied by delirious screams

I’m a button with a function–

Keeping everything together

against the odds,

without applause.

For Sam, I can!

Because, madame

I do my button best

clinging lest things explode

against his chest.




Dedicated to the button straining on that blue shirt.  It has a Twitter account.  Seriously.


how to button your suit. October 15, 2012

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I didn’t believe it when my husband told me, years ago, that this was the way it is done. However, I’ve just read J. J. Lee’s memoir, and as a tailor’s apprentice and fashion journalist, I bow to his expertise.  Lee says that on a two button suit the rule is,

  • top button ALWAYS buttoned
  • bottom button NEVER buttoned

On a three button suit, the top one is a wild card, dependant on the lie of the lapels and the fit of the man wearing it,

  • top button  SOMETIMES buttoned
  • middle button ALWAYS buttoned
  • bottom button NEVER buttoned

I mentioned this to a student wearing a beautiful pin striped double breasted suit on “Dress up like a gangster” day at school.  He said, “I’m not traditional.”  >>sigh<<  There’s traditional, and then there is just ‘wrong.’  2 plus 2 is traditionally 4, and if you claim it’s 5, you’re just wrong.  I decided to look for some photographic evidence to support this button rule, and I looked back to the days of cool suit wearing, studying photos of the Rat Pack.  They follow the rule.  See?


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