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poem-new February 20, 2017

The shape of this idea

is new,

resolving conceptually around





what the mirror reveals of me.

The shape of this idea

greets daily astonishment

as “You can be” turns out to be true.

Who knew?


poem-free September 8, 2015

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might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

If where you are, you’re unhappy

what improvements do you foresee?

What will you change inside you?

Because here’s something true

unless something within is new

Your baggage’s just dragging after you!

You’re just bringing the same self you knew


poem-old dog July 30, 2015

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It can’t be comfortable

in that convoluted position

but since you assume it more and more often

I can only presume that normalcy

is more painful than contortion.


re-adjusting… December 8, 2011

I was driving home while listening to the audio book of Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber. It’s a brisk December day, -3 Celsius.

At this point in the story, the narrator was discussing about how the day of the Battle of Culloden was bitterly cold. Immediately, in my mind, I envisioned a bitterly cold day. -20 or so. The next line was about how the bodies were stacked wet with blood and rain. Rain. Immediately, I adjusted my vision of the cold 21 degrees warmer…

Then I laughed. So much of the story is contained in the perspective of the reader. I know it intellectually, but it always seems to take me by surprise when I see it in action.

A couple of times I’ve had comments from readers of Grace Awakening that baffled me. Sometimes they’ve just misinterpreted something, or missed some detail, but often it is just that their life experience reveals a different view on the events. It’s interesting.

Bitter cold doesn’t need to be -20 of course. I spent a July in Vancouver one year, and the humidity of the city got into my bones and I was cold all the time. It was much worse than the -20 winter days! Living in the dry interior of BC, I don’t like humidity. Perhaps the weather at Culloden, not far from Inverness and the Channel, was that ‘get into your bones’ bitterness, even though it was above zero.

Adjust while reading.

Carry on.


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