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poem-attendance issues April 7, 2016

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an A

beside your name.

Nine boxes for nine days.

Six A’s.

You, with that great brain,

want A’s

on your transcript

not your attendance record.

What is happening in your world

that keeps you from learning?

Ties shackles to your potential

for excellence?  Your health is fine.

Oh, dear girl,

What can we do

to advocate for you?


poem-anticipated March 9, 2016

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Hey, he says.

Hey, she says.  You’re on speaker. What’s up?

Where are you?

Thirty minutes from home.  Is everything okay?

Yeah. I was just missing you and wondering

when you’d be home.


All right.  See you…soon.  I’m on speaker?


Oh. Bye, then.




A little found poem, overheard.




poem-three March 8, 2016

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This hotel room is absent of you,

No lovers’ talk,

just me,


and seven o’clock is coming far

too soon.



poem-lack February 16, 2016

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How strange

that the lack of something

weighs more greatly

than its presence.


poem-far January 20, 2016

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You’re too far.

It doesn’t matter that it’s only a day.

I feel bereft without my back up.

Knowing you’re at my back

is my security,

against myself.

Don’t be far

for long.


poem-return March 2, 2015

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The welcome words

happy greetings,

shrieks and engulfing hugs,

cool nods,

teasing jokes.

Everywhere I turn


It is nice to be missed,

but nicer to be back.




(First day back to work after breaking my ankle.  Staff and students made me feel a bit like a rock star this morning with their enthusiasm.)



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