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30Words30Days-3 Chief April 3, 2023

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#30Words30Days Day 3 prompt: chief

Her chief complaint was loneliness even when he was sitting beside her.
How could he answer to absence he experienced as presence?
She had to find contentment in companionship herself.


3 Responses to “30Words30Days-3 Chief”

  1. scifihammy Says:

    You were the first person to follow me, years ago.
    Your poetry is amazing and always makes me think –
    And uplifts me.
    So thank you for that.

  2. Trish Haugen Says:

    re, yours. How many people feel this….so many. we must depend on ourselves.


    The chief stood still surveying his people. They expected wise words. He had none. Resigned, he blessed them, sent them off to make their own successful way in the world.


  3. Tracy Abell Says:

    Oh, that’s very nice.

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