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poem- better out than in September 1, 2022

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What is that stuff all over your back, dog?
In the slime is a white ball.
Gross botfly larva OUT.

Another kimo poem. 3 lines with 10-7-6 syllables. A kimo poem is supposed to be an image. I hope it isn’t too disgusting an image for you!
Our senior dog had a lump in her back that appeared and grew over the last week. She scratched it open today, and in cleaning and examining it, I discovered a parasite. 😦 I was going to attach a photo, but really. You don’t want to see the hole in the poor little dog or the 8mm critter that was in the hole!


5 Responses to “poem- better out than in”

  1. Trish Says:

    Vivid image and yeah…gross

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    It’s been nice that you’re posting again.

    • Thanks, Jim. After my TBI 4 years ago, it was about all I could manage to get through a day. However, I spent the summer working on a poetry book for teachers, so I have quite a few poems written for that. We’ll see if I can keep up daily posting once the school year starts up next week!

  3. trE Says:

    Thanks for NOT posting it. I’m sorry your little one had to go through that. 😰

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