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poem- leaving the keys for the new owners October 15, 2020

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The house echoes.

Drapes she made hang on the windows,

the last pieces of her here,


the lingering scent of bread baked

months ago, as

her last messages of appreciation,

her last independent acts.


6 Responses to “poem- leaving the keys for the new owners”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    Houses have hearts and personalities, given from bygone inhabitants.

  2. Prior... Says:

    So good – and hope the new owners like it and hope you like the new place

    • We’re still in our place.

      It’s my parents’ home that has sold, following my mom’s death in June. My poor husband has been doing lawn work over there for 5 years. What will he do with himself with only one yard to deal with? lol

  3. Lesley Says:

    It’s hard letting go, but you will always have your memories.

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