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poem-cell phone November 7, 2019

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That millstone

holding you back

begging your eyes

stealing your time.

Can you ignore

a tone or tingle?

Or do you tune out

teacher, text, or talk–

a zombie

tangled in wifi strands

wrapped around

a stone,

glassy eyes held faster

than data transfer speed.


5 Responses to “poem-cell phone”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    Modern conundrums…

  2. Now I understand why many of my former students looked burned out each morning at school. Hmm, and I thought they just didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

  3. You took the words right out of my head! I despair for what they lost and never had.

  4. syl65 Says:

    Amazing how many heads are down staring at that bright little screen.

  5. erbiage Says:

    hypnogourds, says i… bah! yet i’ve got my tracking device too…

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