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poem- shouting trauma September 13, 2019

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Teresa hated her hair-cut

Wore her hat in class.

Held it tightly when the boys wanted to see

What could possibly be so bad.

Ran home in tears.

The next day,

the hat was off, and no one could figure out

what had bothered her so much.

Her hair looked fine.

She just had to get used to the idea of change.

How often are we afraid of something new,

even when it’s innocuous or perhaps

even better than what was?

Half a century I’ve pondered Teresa’s hair.

I still don’t understand,

what she didn’t like.


One Response to “poem- shouting trauma”

  1. C. D. Anders Says:

    I read this earlier today and a similar question was lingering on my mind all day because of it. Obviously I’m recalling a different situation from Teresa’s hair but the question is still there after all these years: Why did that affect them so?
    I liked the post earlier when I read it but it bears repeating. Great stuff!

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