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poem-nefarious November 13, 2018

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For eighteen years,

each evening when I glance out my kitchen window,

I see my elderly neighbour

at work through his window.

Suddenly, this week,

his drapes are drawn.

What nefariousness is this?

What hidden adventures is this World War 2 spy

up to now, that require such secrecy?

The neighbourhood has become far

more interesting with this mystery.


5 Responses to “poem-nefarious”

  1. jackcollier7 Says:

    Drawn drapes mean dastardly deeds are afoot. 💖💖💖

  2. chris jensen Says:

    One always loves a good mystery….

  3. Hopefully, there is something he is hiding, and the hearse will not be making a stop at his home, anytime soon.

  4. I am house sitting this week. I wonder what mysteries lie next door . . . not that I want to discover anything!

  5. Says:

    I hope he’s all right😳

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