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poem- lying to yourself September 1, 2018

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You make it


inside your head.

Convince yourself

you’re right

and true.

Ask for advice,


debate each position

deny each observation



and grumble about lack of support.

If you don’t want

to hear,

don’t ask.

If you won’t consider


don’t request them.

If you only want approval,

just say,

“Aren’t I great!”

and don’t be surprised

by silence.


8 Responses to “poem- lying to yourself”

  1. Yes, we walk through life and ought to expect to be challenged, in what will never be a cookie cutter world.

    • I see people who are gifted with comments from publishers or editors on their rejection letters, or who ask professionals for feedback, and they are rude and dismissive of the excellent advice because they can’t separate their egos from their work. It makes me so frustrated! You’re getting GOLD! LISTEN! They’d rather hear their own 10 friends who say “It’s great” and continue to complain that no one will publish them or buy their self-published, unedited work with bad cover art. ARG! You can’t get anywhere in life if you can’t consider feedback rationally.

  2. Kaye Spencer Says:

    These are powerful words. Thank you for posting this poem.

  3. The poem is spot on. I have a young friend who comes to me for advice, then argues with everything I tell him. His excuses for not taking my advice are sometimes legitimate, but are usually frivolous — something he himself refuses to see. Nice enough guy, but he’s got about as much sense about taking advice as a housefly.

    • Sometimes the first question is, “Why are you asking for advice?” Sometimes getting contrary advice does help you determine what you really want to do. You tend to fight for things you weren’t sure you really wanted yet.

      • I suppose what mostly annoys me about my young friend is that his reasons for rejecting advice are typically bogus. But very true about the different reasons for getting advice.

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