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poem-boxes January 9, 2018

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Boxed up

memories, wrapped carefully

in torn tissue paper,

worn over years.

Boxed up

histories, revisited annually-

unwrapping melancholy,

tying it on a tree.


7 Responses to “poem-boxes”

  1. grumpygorman Says:

    Love this poem Shawn.

  2. A. Thea Says:

    Beautiful!! You should some how make this into a card.

  3. We do so well, putting our memories into neat containers.

  4. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Hi Shawn,

    Here is my response:

    New Years Eve

    Short gray day
    The sun, a distant silver disk
    Low in the sky.
    Long night
    Silver decorations
    Drive the dark away
    Time for new beginnings
    Sorting threw the Christmas cards
    Taking the time
    Reflecting on the lives of friends and relatives
    Sorting into piles.
    Who to let go and who to keep
    Time for new beginnings
    Without Josh
    Should old acquaintance be forgot

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