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poem-Mother’s Day humility May 14, 2017

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Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

the mother wrote.

The greeting card holidays remind children

of filial duties.

Without them, would they ever call?

Text message comes mid-day:

Happy Mother’s Day.

An opening!

Mother replies,

When will we see you?

No response.

Cat’s in the Cradle.


Sacrifice.  Care.   Tuition bills.  Sick beds.   Pain.

And here,

A lesson in humility.

It’s strange how

Happy Mother’s Day

can feel a lot like


A greeting card sentiment,

leaves a slashing wound,

sliced by a weapon wielded in a war

she didn’t know had been declared.

There had been no need to

clean the vase,

dress up for the surprise





or even stay home to hang around the phone

so as not to disappoint

the kids

who call to wish

Happy Mothers’ Day.




(I’ve got a short story in my brain, but we’ll start with this.)


7 Responses to “poem-Mother’s Day humility”

  1. lifecameos Says:

    It happens so often, great negativity in this parent child relationship. both parents are long gone, I am much older, and yet I do not know that I would change what I did or how I dealt with it.

  2. Janna Hill Says:

    Ouch! That was well versed and too true in many cases Shawn. 😦

  3. Definitely an unpleasant truth. It can be explored from many angles. Personally I was thinking in terms of the future when all the Millennials are old aged seniors who get their comeuppance when their kids to them what they did to the kids when they were younger. I see so many young mothers on their cell phones not paying any attention to their children. Then there are the parents who give their kids over to computer games and TV. Not that I’ll be here to see the Millennials as Senior Citizens but it does make me wonder what their future will be. Kinda glad that as a Baby Boomer I’ll be long gone from the scene.

  4. My Mom, fortunately, is hard to catch for a phone conversation. I usually end up being the 9 PM Special. She is why I survived, all these years, so I can’t imagine the above ever happening with us.

  5. chris jensen Says:

    Mrs. Bird, such harsh words coming a beautiful soul…

    Tis a long time since i’ve read anything of yours?

    Could you forgive me for not stopping by?


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