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poem- not May 11, 2017

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I am not enough

to fill the void.

A yawning maw,

a gaping hole,

inadequacy piled upon inadequacy


and I

do not have the mass

to shore up against this tide

of weakness compounded

year after year until they got here.

I am battered.

I am broken.

I am not enough.


32 Responses to “poem- not”

  1. N Says:

    Such despair….almost heart breaking.
    We are not enough a lot of times in life, but for our life, we are enough. We are always enough. There are bad days and we all feel less than enough. Sun will come up tomorrow and you will again, be enough. You will always be enough.

  2. Velmeran Says:

    Ah…sometimes we all feel that way…and we are all wrong…

  3. Jim Stewart Says:

    So. Do not surrender your energy. Your narrator believes in the inadequacy. And as an old surfer, I know that you cannot fight the tide. All you can do is make it work for you.

  4. All in all, you are enough, much of the time. For the rest of those times, you have one another.

    • I should let people read what they will, but the masses that are the ‘other’ in this scenario are not looking out for anyone but themselves, bogged in their own narrow perspectives, and shattering opportunities given to them. Frustrating for those trying to help them find the broader world.

  5. Debra Says:

    Powerful! I feel the despair and weariness in your words and I hope you aren’t currently being pulled under, but I think we all know when we’ve come to the end of ourselves and feel the floor drop out from underneath us. Your words really touch me, Shawn.

  6. Mrs MP Says:

    ❤ Sometimes it is a flood of need. You only have so many fingers and toes to put in the holes of the dyke, Shawn. But those small things do make a difference to those few. Sending positivity and happy thoughts! Have some chocolate power bar.

  7. my valiant soul Says:

    Loved the choice of words.
    Well crafted work,my friend!

  8. sampritidasblog Says:

    Your words express your pain in a stunning way.
    I am just one month old in wordpress and even I write poems. I would really appreciated if you take out time and check out my blog and if you like it feel free to follow back. Thank u.

  9. feifei Says:

    I can relate to this, it speaks to me.
    But really, everyone will be enough in their own way. Take a deep breath, relax, and look straight ahead. Everything will be okay. Bless!! xx

  10. Beautiful poem. Such a sad message but also has a hint of hopefulness as we are all united in feeling like this at some point in our lives. x

  11. elsid93 Says:

    Heart touching despair! Hope you are doing all right. We all go through this phase at some point. So keep your chin up.

  12. Joanna Peña Says:

    Oh, the number of times I have felt this way! I love the vulnerability you put into this

  13. khushitripathi Says:

    Very few people have the talent of piling up so many emotions in so little words…you are definitely one of them and very surely more than enough😗 i loved ur work

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