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poem- beware the horde April 25, 2017

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The zombie horde is here.

You see them wandering through town

eyes cast down

faces gleaming in reflected glow.

They don’t notice anything

beyond the little screen

that disengages in the lie

of social connection,


Zombies  don’t know how

to greet a stranger with a smile

to meet a new friend’s eyes.

Their thumbs down

they’re dumbed down.

Mindless, spineless,

hypnotized, mesmerized,

To numb to despise the device

that drugs them ’til they hum,

with zombie poison.



13 Responses to “poem- beware the horde”

  1. escapee Says:

    We might all be zombies on our phones but at least we can read each other’s posts! Great image here, love this poem

  2. Bibishan Says:

    Really a sad sad reality of “zombies”, they seem to be everywhere. I wonder where humanity is headed towards.

    Nice poem by the way 🙂

  3. howardat58 Says:

    I “like” this.

  4. Sometimes I fear there is some kind of conspiracy behind the addiction to cellphone addiction among our children. Get them all looking down, disconnected from the real world and then they can be easily manipulated – with blinders on to what is happening in the real world. Not to mention disconnected from nature, the environment, and their own essence.

  5. Hedgehogsbiscuitscats Says:

    Great description of the phone zombie generation, so sad though..

  6. Ash Douglas Says:

    Gotta love zombies…great poem

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