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rhetorical poem- often January 15, 2017

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How often

does our prayer to

accept the things that cannot change

become an excuse for complacency?

How often

do we turn away from the possible

just because it’s difficult?

How often

to we tell ourselves ‘it’s always been’

and fail to see that something else could be?

How often

do we rail against those

who gentle encourage change when

they demonstrate another way?

How often

do we shout our certainty

when we should listen and see

wider horizons of possibility?




9 Responses to “rhetorical poem- often”

  1. Bibishan Says:

    More often than we should (but I think it is a very tricky question). That’s why I think we are where we are.

    It’s a nice coincidence that this is the second time you have written something I am thinking about the very moment. These days I am going back and forth between “should I accept the things that I cannot change?~ or “should I listen and see wider horizons of possibility.”

  2. Debra Says:

    What a strong nudge in a positive direction! Thank you, Shawn.

  3. How often does the ‘tried and true’ become thrown in the face of someone who just wants to offer unconditional love?

  4. Harsh Virdi Says:

    I am sorry i am not good at giving advices but can i interest you in a rhetorical question ?

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