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poem-searching July 19, 2016

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I’m searching for you

street after street,

household after household.

Your entire block has vanished,

uncountable mystery.



(I’ve just spent 2 days combing 2000 entries in the 1921 Montreal census in search of the block where my father lived.  I can’t find it in any of the districts, though I have found addresses within 5 mins walk in all directions. It’s like they forgot to enumerate his neighbourhood. So frustrating!).


4 Responses to “poem-searching”

  1. Like something out of a Stephen King novel.

  2. None Other Then Hannah Says:

    as a response: I have found you, in the busy passers by, and I hold you tightly in the house of God. (you are loved dear one, by Daddy God, and if I could reach out and physically hug you I would do so.)

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