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poem-rocky July 11, 2016

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He says she’s not a pebble.

He says she’s more like an interesting rock formation.

Ah, but rock formations were once mountains

as mountains become pebbles

in time.


This mountain fills all we can see

I step this way.

You step that way.

Distance grows until we have disappeared from view.

From where we are now, we can each squish

a mountain between our finger and thumb.



11 Responses to “poem-rocky”

  1. dornahainds Says:

    Simply Exquisite. More than Excellent, but I lack the appropriate vocabulary to say more. My apologizes.

  2. The cycle goes round and round.

  3. This is really good. It expresses a deep truth simply and succinctly. We all change and all things change and we get worn down as time goes on.

    “All things move toward their end.”, as Nick Cave once sang.

    Good work!

  4. and of course, so were pebbles…

  5. erbiage Says:

    Theres more in here than you reveal. i was just thinking about mountains too

    distance brings down mountains.

  6. Your style is unique and makes me think . . . even at this early time in the morning.

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