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poem-white July 2, 2016

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The sky is white

dotted with turquoise,

mountain silhouettes

carved on the horizon,

one tree branch curls

like a finger,


to adventure.


9 Responses to “poem-white”

  1. Sherry Bibb Says:

    Simply beautiful. thank you

  2. Gorgeous word imagery!!
    Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin Lyrics

    • lol
      Same boy. First tape he made me of his piano music. Nights in White Satin (I thought it was Knights in White Satin). You are a nostalgia fest this week, Deb!

  3. “curls/ like a finger,/beckoning/to adventure”

    Ringing in my mind.

  4. You surely must folllow the summons of the tree branch! 🙂

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