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quote-awakening June 13, 2016

Filed under: Grace Awakening,Grace Awakening Myth,Poetry,Quotations — Shawn L. Bird @ 9:06 pm

Every closure is an awakening,

and every awakening settles something.

~John Dewey (Art as Experience)


6 Responses to “quote-awakening”

  1. Prior-2001 Says:

    I really like this twist of thoughts in the quote and the circle from closure to settle –
    And I am sure there are many things to glean or take – but that was mine – the difference between closure and settlement- yet similarity – and the awaken catalyst – very thought provoking quote for me – thx 💕

    • Isn’t it interesting?

      The book is a very challenging read from 1934, all about the nature of the aesthetic. This line links so well with my novel that it stood out to me, and while I normally put some commentary, this one just seemed to benefit from standing on its own.

  2. Awakenings are always things of beauty.

  3. You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you will keep on re-reading the last chapter. Yes I agree, we need to be awakened in order to settle into something.

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