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poem-memorized May 20, 2016

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Mrs. Filber’s daughter memorized Poe’s The Raven and recited it for her mother’s sixth grade class. Student Wanda reflected years later, “This was my first encounter with the power of poetry…How independent Mrs. Filber’s daughter was–she could conjure up this poem at any time in the future, enjoying it again and again!” (May, W. 1991. “The Arts and Curriculum as Lingering.” p. 145).

What power in memory

to pull from air,

call upon bardic traditions,

weave words around ears.




with poetry.



(A little poetry inspired by my grad school reading today).


4 Responses to “poem-memorized”

  1. Captivate. Infiltrate. Enervate. Sounds like a plan. 🙂

  2. spoken like a school teacher. I liked your poetry too, and did have to memorize several things as a younger person, which probably turned me to writing now. I wrote poems all month for napowrimo, and it was fun, although no one gave me any kind of critique for good or ill. I appreciate several “classical” poetry writers to this day.

    • When you did NaPoWriMo were you looking for critique or audience?

      I think of NaPo as a development and/or encouragement to develop. Having a hashtag that gives you way to find a bit of audience, and to become part of an audience. There are other source of critical analysis. But a new poet may not be ready for critiques. You need enough experience to find your voice and style, and then when you’re secure, ask for analysis.

      Someone can critique a new poet before they have confidence, and put them off for life. If you’re committed, opinions of others carry appropriate weight.

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