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poem-questions and answers March 23, 2016

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Long drive

side by side

time to ask the big questions

muse on what was and what will be.

Long drive

side by side

time to hear the answers

pull you and me back into we.


6 Responses to “poem-questions and answers”

  1. This is a never-ending process, this building of the “we”.

  2. JMC813 Says:

    This is absolutely crazy meant to be coincidence. I literally just closed out my map and driving directions for a road trip that I will be taking in a few months that will take me and my girlfriend through several states to her home where we will be starting a new life together. I closed out that site and went directly to WP and your post was at the very top of my reader. Romantic coincidence? Nope. Just another sign from above. Thanks for this uncannily timed post friend. Be well. I enjoy your words immensely.

  3. doulospoet Says:

    great stuff. I’d never heard of the 36 questions. Very interesting.

    • They’re supposed to make anyone fall in love, combined with 4 minute sessions gazing into each other’s eyes. 🙂 They’re not meant for ‘old married couples’ but what the heck. 🙂

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