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poem- blocked communication April 13, 2016

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Dear Grandma,

No one

wants to know

about the state

of your


Please save

your colourful tales

of abdominal distress

for your medical advisors.

Elimination is



dinner table





(You’d think this was common sense, wouldn’t you?)


10 Responses to “poem- blocked communication”

  1. ew. There’s nothing colourful about elimination unless it involves food dyes, which is still not appropriate discussion over any meeting unless it’s with a doctor. See Also Cap’n Crunchberries and Fruity Pebbles. But look in my cereal bowl, nowhere else.This is why I switched to Frosted Flakes, and later to plain shredded wheat. Why do I sometimes crave the formers? I have NO idea.

  2. Nothing like crappy dinner conversation to enhance the appetite! Thanks for the delightful poetic chuckle

  3. “In the brain, out the mouth- and other places”-as my late FIL said, when inappropriate comments were spoken, at his dinner table.

  4. Isabella Simons Says:

    Haha. Yeah. Some things just shouldn’t be spoken of.

  5. ReVitellect Says:

    Haha, true. Funny yet apt. Definitely not at a dinner table! I mean, it could be reserved for another time. But not when doing so could evoke vomiting. ;D

    Sometimes I get really low or feel a sense of darkness within. I like to channel those negative emotions into poems. Had written one talking about the feeling of being trapped by your inhibitions and self-doubts. Would be great if you could give it a read here: 😀

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