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poem- hovering February 18, 2016

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It’s a shadow

she can’t quite see,

just behind her head.

A sensation of suspicion

quickening between

her shoulder blades.

A darkness settling in

a midnight coloured cape.

Oppressive premonitions

that demand she hides, fades away.

No energy for fight or flight

when confronting the black horror

of night.


7 Responses to “poem- hovering”

  1. keepingsteady21 Says:

    Amazing words. Speak so true 👌👊

  2. Trinae Ross Says:

    Reblogged this on Stepping Stones Magazine Lite and commented:
    Something that I read and liked and thought to share.

  3. The physical night doesn’t hold a candle to the cold and dark of a person’s self-imposed starlessness.

  4. Jaden C. Kilmer Says:

    Lovely! And a little creepy haha

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