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poem-mashed January 13, 2016

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Mashed potatoes are a delicacy

when a tooth has been pulled,

the jaw is tender,

and one hasn’t eaten in 15 hours.


15 Responses to “poem-mashed”

  1. Chagall Says:

    Red lentils cooked to a grits-like consistency are pretty good too. 🙂 —CC

  2. Oh, my! I hope you feel better soon! Mashed words, served up hot and buttered, make my senses swim.

  3. chris jensen Says:


    You do know there are other ways to get your vitamins?

    Nonetheless, being a teacher an all,

    one would think that you have a good dental plan!

    Sarcastically chris

    • A stop at Booster Juice for a smoothie should have the vitamins covered.
      Yes, government and school district employees = good dental plans. We’re thankful.

      • chris jensen Says:

        How many houses do you own,

        The music teach, whom lived beside use, own three 2.5 million dollars homes..

        i would you teacher have very nice!

      • Ha ha. No million dollar house here (How is that possible on a teacher’s salary, unless you inherited?)

      • chris jensen Says:

        Smart money management!

        Buying property in the right time..

        Maybe good looks had something to do with it, i mean the three houses were next to each other an ours there was some very interesting backyard parties…

        love, love, love teach!


  4. theweavr Says:

    A situation, I am certain I have been through. Very painful and irritating, indeed 🙂 I hope it gets well soon, if it is real 🙂

  5. They can include any number of spices and herbs, so you can have variety.

  6. Melody J Haislip Says:

    There’s no justification required to like mashed potatoes. Sorry about your tooth!

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