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poem- Hello! April 7, 2014

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Well, hello there deer!

What are you doing in the middle of my lane

on the TransCanada Highway?

Deer belong in forests.

Get off the asphalt

before you die.



A little surprise on my way to work this morning: a large mule deer (I think) right behind the school where I work.  He headed into the trees of the river valley after I stopped for him to carry on.  Such is life in Canada!


29 Responses to “poem- Hello!”

  1. Arianna Editrix Says:

    It’s that time of year! At least it wasn’t a moose, they just stand there and dare you to run them down.

  2. At least the story has a happy ending! Not all are so lucky.

  3. Hahahaha marvellous!!

  4. unfetteredbs Says:

    Get off the asphalt ( smile)

  5. Maurie Nord Says:

    The does run around everywhere at will in B.C. I had to “thread the needle” through a herd of them one and still one managed to jump into the left front fender of my car!

  6. Geo Sans Says:

    it’s always
    wild life

  7. Duke Says:

    They raise your auto insurance rate by over 20%. Do not fit well in the front seat.

    • Not if they hit you. Then it’s no fault…

      I filed my raccoon report with the phrase “suicidal raccoon leapt out in front of my car” which was true enough. 😉

      • Duke Says:

        Have you ever eaten coon? It does not taste like chicken.

        It is getting warn here now. It will be 95 in a couple of days.

      • I have not had coon. Are you suggesting I should have pulled off the road, and bagged the beast for dinner? (Expensive meal, I assure you). 😉 I’ve had frog, deer, reindeer, rabbit, bear, but never raccoon.

  8. I could imagine the deer’s potential response:

    Woah! Hello there human!
    What’s your highway doing in the middle of my walk
    through the wilderness?
    Deer belong in forests.
    Get this asphalt out from under me
    before I die.


  9. This was so cute!!!!!

  10. orlando gustilo Says:

    I like how you observe nature – the other components of it, not just us!

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