Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem-cure May 26, 2017

The demons are hiding around corners

lurking in the shadows

watching you.

I know you feel the weight

of their gaze

hear the clink of their weapons

every day.

On the sunny days,

you outrun them

find smiles to return to those

around you

in their circles of care.

Other days,

smiles are barred growls,

the glow of sinister eyes pacing

around you,

squeezing life and hope

as their circle crushes in,

suffocating you.

Your demons on their unwitting backs

Your demons in their unwitting smiles

Your demons on their unwitting feet

Your demons in their expectations

Your incessant demons

invisible to others,










7 Responses to “poem-cure”

  1. jackcollier7 Says:

    A metaphor ~ is this the way life is? Uncaring cruelty and ignorant impoliteness is perhaps a cruel demon to survive? ❤

    • The demon that is always hovering could be addiction, an abusive spouse/parent, poverty, anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc.
      Well meaning people might try to include the person in their lives, but his/her demon (see above) will sometimes warp his/her perceptions of their care. And other times, not.
      The well meaning people are really quite positive in intent, it’s all about the perception and reaction that can be frustrating if one doesn’t appreciate just how real and painful the issue/demon is. (Figuratively, of course).

  2. I am facing other people’s demons, as well as my own. A great deal of patience is needed.

  3. nikada777 Says:

    I see demons in time. Time can be the demons sometimes, the time we live in graduated violence no one seen before. Thought when the soldier ate his heart live on his victim demon yes, behind him, are we alone about these actions ?? Really good blog thank you

    • ‘seen’ is the key word. That kind of violence has existed (and worse) for thousands of years, but others could only read about it, if it was reported at all. Visions do seem to burn into a consciousness in a different way.

      • nikada777 Says:

        Great that you were there and 1000 years ago.? O that was worse.? Believe that then it was a matter of hunger, not evil. Surely it was worse tell me you wrote it. I saw speculation is your claim and yes cannibalism was safe, but evil el hunger? Should we not be more developed today? But your answer strange when you designate yourself as if you were really 1000 years ago and were worse please tell me and maybe you think eating the heart in war today depends on hunger? Narcesim belonged to the mistakes before and they were wrong constantly he He

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