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poem-learning January 4, 2016

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Who has told you

that learning must be boring?

Why do you think

you cannot learn from listening to others?

When did you lose

your natural creativity and curiosity?

Where will you go

if you’re not embracing opportunities here?

What hope is there for you

if you are so jaded so young?

In this place,

we believe that skills and abilities are more important

than out of date information.

We believe learning is more meaningful when

students ask their own questions and explore their own curiosity.

We believe you have potential to discover

far beyond yourself,

but you never will, if you don’t open your eyes to the world

beyond your nose.



God preserve me from kids who are ‘too cool for school’.


7 Responses to “poem-learning”

  1. trE Says:

    Well-written with a bit of great advice as well. Loved this.

  2. Learning, when done in one’s own style, is never boring.

    • I teach in an innovative high school piloting a phenomenal methodology that offers a lot for kids, but it also requires them to THINK. They don’t get spoon fed answers (or questions, quite frequently). There are a few who beg for baby mush. They don’t want to used their brains at all. They are oh. so. frustrating.

  3. smithaw50 Says:

    The last four lines say it all. I still have hope, but I’m getting nervous…

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