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poem- balance October 28, 2015

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Life is balanced

on a pinpoint.

Home, food, health, connections, work, meaning

sway precariously.

If one is pulled,

all is impacted:

Rocks and





I’m thinking today of an extended family member who was in a serious car accident recently.  One moment, all is well, the next some guy isn’t watching the road, jumps a meridian, and you’re in emergency.  If you’re sole support, and you’re off work for a year of recovery, how does that impact everyone around you?


25 Responses to “poem- balance”

  1. Melody J Haislip Says:

    It’s all such a balancing act.

  2. howardat58 Says:

    But it may be spinning like a top, and so not easy to push over.

  3. SarahC Says:

    hi, second time today balance came up. I like the picture your words are making. I like seeing this.

  4. chris jensen Says:

    You may not see the impact in your life span!

      • chris jensen Says:

        i see the world, in slow motion, however the young, i mean the really young are beginning to see as a few, whom i shall not talk , know there is nothing we can do, however there are those coming behind us, whom may have the key answers!

      • As always, I think.
        There are the wise in every generation. The question is, who listens to them? Who is in opposition to them?

      • chris jensen Says:

        Do you believe in psychic abilities?

        Are mind, i mean most minds, are only using very little, these psychic abilities were deemed heresy for many year burn those whom thought creatively or in this manner..

        Therefore reboot creativity!!..

  5. Lorien Says:

    It is true that it is all balanced on a pinpoint, so precarious, never stable. Wanting stability, wanting things to remain the same, this causes suffering because we know that all is subject to change. And yet we still hold on to the idea of familiarity, of stable ground. It’s tough being sentient in moments like these.

    • lol

      Yet things can go years, progressing well, everything in balance, and then you break your ankle (cough) or someone runs into you and everything is turned upside in a tumble of disasters.

  6. booguloo Says:

    I loved it. Very cool!!

  7. Akhila Says:

    True, we won’t get a second chance to correct the string of balance…

  8. brittabottle Says:

    I was just talking yesterday evening with so fellow travelers (I am currently living in Thailand, but was visiting Laos for a few days) about how security is an illusion. This poem made me think of that conversation. Really thought provoking. I love it.

    • Oh, yes. Absolutely!
      There are times you know you’re in a precarious state, and there are times when you think all is great. In the blink of an eye, in either situation, you life can be changed!

  9. You summed it up, as it seems you always do. Praying for your friend.

  10. Existence is ever precarious. When I think of the Ionosphere and the solar system, with all the rays and geologic objects flying around, Earth seems safe by comparison. There are never guarantees.

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