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poem- excused October 26, 2015

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There is always an excuse

for not meeting expectations.

Someone else is always to blame

that you couldn’t meet expectations.

Everyone else is expected to leap

to meet your expectations.

Could you please just accept

responsibility for your actions?



Just a little venting.  🙂



12 Responses to “poem- excused”

  1. onewithclay Says:

    When you vent online, is it an e-vent? (Remembering fondly our Pun Exchange, dear Shawn.)

    • 😉
      I’ve got nothing to counter with. Heating vent? I get heated and just have to vent? Blah. That’s pathetic.
      Our Canadian woodsy themed pun exchange was a particularly rich pool of source material.

  2. howardat58 Says:

    It seems that Canada is going down the same road as the USA in the education business, with higher expectations all round. Have you developed higher expectations for yourself? Should one even have expectations for oneself ?
    I expect (is that an expectation) that my next project will take longer than I expect it to.
    Do you expect your expectations from your chest?
    Now I am confused with roots. s it ex-spect or ex-pect ??? I hope the former, as I want a new word or two, such as expection, disrespection, respectation, expectability, ………

    • lol

      We’re involved in some pretty innovative stuff at my school. However, there are those 13/14 year olds who haven’t figured out yet that if they don’t actually do the work, they’re not going to pass a grade, and that the more they fight (or ignore) the longer they’re going to be in high school. They have to choose to succeed, and they haven’t reached that place yet. I’ll be delighted next year when they reach the magical transformation that generally hits mid-point of grade 10.

  3. Not being responsible means not accomplishing anything- like lying down in a sewer.

  4. gislyreal Says:

    It’s always wise to face the situation then face people #growth

  5. Thedarkestraven Says:

    Oh shawn

  6. wwwpalfitness Says:

    Your writings are so good no matter how short or long that they are. 🙂

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