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poem- sliced 2 October 2, 2015

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I was numb,

but I felt the gentle line you drew

across my skin, blade slicing deep.

You stretched me open,

revealed my patched bones,

unscrewed the metal holding me together.

Oh, you sewed me back together,

taped over the black sutures,

and here I lie, propped up against realities,

hoping for the best.




It sounds so lovely and metaphorical, but it’s literal.  🙂 Successful surgery this week to remove the plates and screws that repaired my broken fibula last January.  The screws were working out on their own and causing a fair bit of pain.  Looking forward to returning to regular, pain-free mobility very soon!


8 Responses to “poem- sliced 2”

  1. Uma Devu Says:

    Aw.. that was strikingly beautiful. There is pain and hope I can feel. A gratitude too perhaps to someone who succeeded to hold it together. 🙂

  2. Melody J Haislip Says:

    Damn! I was hoping it Was metaphorical. Dude.

  3. Jim Stewart Says:

    That is a powerful poem. Thank you.

  4. Hope your calf muscles are on their way to working as they ought.

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