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poem-echoes August 16, 2015

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I walk on roads I knew.

Familiar houses I name as I pass:

Janet’s house,

Marcie’s house,

Sandy’s house,

Cathy’s house,

Ayesha’s house,

Annette’s house.

I catch glimpses of them playing in their front yards

or waving from their windows,

Though they have not been children for decades.

Their spectral selves run along the sidewalks

and fill the twilight with lost laughter.




It’s eerie visiting in my old neighbourhood.  I can actually see my childhood friends out of the corners of my eyes, but when I look, they’ve vanished.  Have you had this experience?


6 Responses to “poem-echoes”

  1. DeniseBalog Says:

    Yes, I’ve return to the streets of play. Double-dutch, leave houses, and hide and seek. Everything seemed in the wrong size. Even the tree we climbed! I prefer to return in my sweet memory dreams:) and yes, remember their names:) d

  2. Yes, when I am back in the old neighbourhood, I see many of the same things.

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