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poem- stretch July 14, 2015

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and that is beginning

and that is ending

and that is continuity

and that is blessing

and that is leaving

and that is receiving

and that is you

and that is me

and that is we


8 Responses to “poem- stretch”

  1. No one can truly leave those who love him/her behind, no matter how fast the run. Those who are joined together, remain so.

  2. chyfrin Says:

    The cyclic naturre of the dance

  3. chyfrin Says:

    think of all the divorced couples that would have killed each other if they hadn’t divorced

    • Neither here nor there- the connection remains. Learning. Experience. Bitterness. Hope.

      • chyfrin Says:

        not disagreeing – but that ’till death do we part’? guess that’s why we get buried beside one another

      • My father is working on that death parting stuff right now after 53 years with my mother.
        He was 25 years with his first wife who left him for his business partner, and I can assure you, until she died, he still felt connected to her. (and probably afterwards, really).

        Significant relationships mark us.

        I pledged that ’til death us do part’ 30 years ago this week and fully intend to carry it out to its natural conclusion. I never make promises lightly and for me a vow means whatever my emotional state, picky complaints, and frustrations, I’m going to live up to my commitment for the sake of the commitment itself. It’s a matter of honour for me. We make the relationships we live by our decisions to build them up or tear them down.

        Both my parents were divorced before they married each other. Mom was in a terribly abusive situation with an alcoholic. Dad’s wife had an affair (or a few!). I was lucky to choose someone who’s proven worth my vow.

      • chyfrin Says:

        true on all counts – regards

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