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poem- hurry April 9, 2015

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I forgot


Your name was not penned into the appointment book.

The niggling feeling that there was ‘something’ was dismissed,

and I escaped for a while.

You came for me, but I was gone.

They had to call me back to you.

Can ‘I’m sorry ‘ ever be appeasement





Today’s prompt was for a visual poem.   The person forgotten above was female.  Is that close enough? (Can you see the figure?)


Here’s a link to an old one, perhaps you’ll like this one better:


5 Responses to “poem- hurry”

  1. Neil Says:

    Love the image! If I may, your line “The niggling feeling that there was ‘something’ was dismissed,” seems a bit off? Did you mean to say “The niggling feeling that there was ‘something’ dismissed,”? If you did intend for the line to be that way then totally disregard this comment and great poem!

  2. Was the non-appointment with one who is cloying and annoying?

    • No. lol. She was my very pleasant and helpful rehab counsellor (post broken ankle). I’d forgotten to write the appointment in my work calendar- she was meeting me at work. I left the building to join a group meeting over lunch. Luckily it was only a couple of minutes away, so when she arrived, they were able to call me back, and she was only out 5 minutes or so. Kind of embarrassing, though!

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