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poem- limping March 5, 2015

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The physiotherapist

rolls, stretches, and manipulates

my ankle joint.

Push here.

Pull there.

Between parallel bars

re-learn to walk:

roll from the heel,

flex that joint.

Let go.

If you rely on the supports

and are too tender with the joint

you’ll continue to limp.

Your body will think it must,

even when the joint is healed.

How many other ways

am I limping in my life?

How many other ways

should I re-learn to walk?


For Jody and Anita



22 Responses to “poem- limping”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    Congratulations, you are walking !

    • I AM!! It’s so exciting. I walk outside with a cane (learned how to do that properly at physio last week. I had no known there was a right/wrong way to do that). In the house I have been hobbling, but now am working on an even rhythm and rolling the foot. It’s amazing how there are these little components that need to be re-thought!

  2. juan blea Says:

    very nice. i like the therapy as a metaphor….nice job!

  3. kcg1974 Says:

    Excellent words to weave your analogy!

  4. M V Blake Says:

    I have reoccurring problems with my knee. I went to see the doctor and he paused, considering for a moment, before pronouncing in the utmost gravitas “Patella Malus”, then he stared at me smugly. I said “so you’re saying that I’m suffering from a bad knee.” He looked crushed. I wasn’t very nice to him after that. The physiotherapist was an attractive young lady who didn’t try to patronise me, thankfully, but it did make for some very nervous sessions while she fondled my joints. Loved the metaphor and the poem. Thank you for the privilege.

    • lol Isn’t it awful for the pompous when the plebeians speak their language. 🙂 It throws them off their game! (To mix metaphors rather horribly!) 🙂 I suppose I should have said, ‘It throws them off their gladiatorial competition!’

      • M V Blake Says:

        I will always be grateful to my old latin teacher Doofer Brennan for helping me wipe the smirk from my doctor’s face. I did point out to him, however, that he should have said genu malus. The unmitigated arse.

      • Ah! Genu as in genuflect!
        I love words.
        I’d have enjoyed seeing that conversation unfold! 😉

  5. Lorien Says:

    Ooohhhh, yes! “How many other ways am I limping in my life? How many others ways should I re-learn to walk?” Such deep and necessary questions to ask if we are going to one day learn how to fly. Beautiful poem Shawn. Thank you.

  6. Casting one’s mental crutches aside- such a constant and necessary task.

  7. mpmckibbon Says:

    I too once broke an ankle and had to relearn to walk. I did limp a bit for awhile, but now have no problem, except sometimes on stairs. Do practice your physio. It will be an amazing help. Good luck. I enjoyed the poem.

  8. redjim99 Says:

    The physio is the most important, it made such a difference with my shoulder post op. Keep going with it, good luck,

  9. SassyAndIndependent Says:

    Hi! I always love reading your poetry! Recently I participated in the Love in Ten Sentences Event, and I have nominated you as well. I do hope you will find it interesting and participate.
    Here is the link:

  10. Learning to,walk again, and what a great metaphor. Nice!

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