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poem- confidence November 27, 2014

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There is security,

profoundly deep,

knowing that whatever

needs to be done

will be done,

without me having to ask.


There is gratitude,,

profoundly deep,

knowing that whatever

I need

will be met,

without argument.


There is peace,

profoundly deep,

knowing that whatever

happens, I can trust you,

to be there.


10 Responses to “poem- confidence”

  1. And so he will keep on, with his labour of supreme love.

  2. tpa72 Says:

    I like how the “you” appears only in the last stanza. 🙂

  3. specialistneeds Says:

    I think he will now he’s your muse

  4. Ashok Misra Says:

    How cool…and serene! Having confidence, has advantages of its own. Portrayed very nicely in the poem. A good read!

  5. Amen! Deeply spiritual. Faith gives peace. Enjoyed this poem every much.

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