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poem- winter sounds November 26, 2014

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of the snow plow

going past,

wakes me rudely

to awareness of

winter’s arrival,

as I slept.


14 Responses to “poem- winter sounds”

  1. meonomous Says:

    excellent 🙂 really likes.

  2. davidmames Says:

    I love this. It evokes a wonderful Williams feeling but doesn’t seem contrived. So good!!!

  3. dpnoble Says:

    Gosh, in just a few words you’ve captured that ice scraping, chill factor feeling that arrives when we are still warmed in our beds. Applause!

  4. in my childhood, the sound of the snowplow was also a rude awakening: Get dressed and shovel out the foot of the driveway!

    • Oh, that nasty windrow! In Prince George, they could be 3′ high with heavy chunks that a standard human could not move, so they developed a technology to lift the blade at driveways. They would send a little caterpiller tractor along behind the plow to clear the road debris from the ends of the driveways. That was a wonderful thing. I’m sure my long-suffering husband particularly misses that service here. We don’t get so many huge dumps of snow, but the end of the driveways can be brutal.

  5. Super Like!! I thought of my fellow upstate New Yorkers in Buffalo who endured 7 yes Seven feet of snow last week. My heart goes out to them as 10 people died being snowed in. The weight of the snow caved in homeowners roofs. The Gov. declared Buffalo and the surrounding towns a Disaster area! Still praying for them. So I did not complain about the rain NYC got. Thankful and Prayful.

    • I know- the photos coming out of that were incredible. I have lived in very snowy regions over the years, and 6 or 7′ acclumulations are not uncommon, but to have it all dump at once in an area not known for that kind of snow is crazy. Those are those weeks when you have to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm!

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