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poem-fathers October 5, 2014

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I grew up

a pampered princess

a late life arrival, long desired.

I felt my father’s

fondness every day-

a travelling salesman

who never missed a moment

of my active life.

But you

lost your father

along the way, lost sight

of him over the barriers

your mother built between you.

What was it like to find him

as he was dying, knowing

he had never stopped

loving you, though you

were equally lost to him?

Once you found him,

he slipped into eternity.

As I watch you, so

polished at your work,

on this career high,

I wonder,

Are you still a lost boy?

Or did the chance to embrace him

at the end of his life,

to know how proud he was of you,

help ease the sorrow

as you set him free to fly?

I forgive you

for not meeting me for tea

And I wonder,

what kind of father

will you let yourself be?



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33 Responses to “poem-fathers”

  1. Hadel Says:

    Lovely … deep feelings.

  2. This hits the mark for me personally in many ways – thank you for sharing … Cheers J

  3. colonialist Says:

    Very effective and affecting.

  4. prior Says:

    so nice… ❤

  5. Wow, powerful and poignant. Loved the everydayness of ‘i forgive you for not meeting me for tea’ which made me smile and ache with it’s lack of drama. H xxx

  6. macjam47 Says:

    Deep feelings expressed is a lovely poem.

  7. aqilaqamar Says:

    This is one of the best poems I ever read really its short and simple 😀 but so evoking

  8. howardat58 Says:

    Once again I’ve been there second hand. Beautiful and direct.

  9. I was lucky, to have had my father in my life until I was 36. I haven’t been a perfect father, but have been engaged in the role, and remain so.

  10. This is really beautiful because it’s truthful. There ARE men that aren’t allowed to be fathers to their kids because of parental politics, and so many people fail to realize that there are no winners in those situations; there’s just anger and resentment. Shit like that is why I don’t have any kids yet. Thanks for writing this.

  11. Amazing. Love the emotions in this.

  12. This poem is absolutely gorgeous….it spoke to me in a ways that poetry has not spoken to me in years.

  13. lenamazel Says:

    This is so lovely. Definitely a favorite of yours 🙂

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