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poem- spinning October 1, 2014

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above my day.




22 Responses to “poem- spinning”

  1. redgladiola Says:

    Feel better soon!

  2. Tom Balistreri Says:

    It’s hard to “like” someone feeling sick . Be well. 🙂

  3. Dai Verse Says:

    I hope this is a work of fiction. If not, please try not to spread it around 😉

  4. vsvevg Says:

    Hope that’s just a metaphor! take care, a

  5. Oh dear…it’s going around down here too:(

  6. Short and sweet. Just right.

  7. Uh! Oh! Sounds like it’s time for some Green Tea or Ginger Tea. Please get rest and feel better soon.

  8. words4jp Says:

    I know this feeling……😳

  9. dokurtybitz Says:

    Feel better *hugs*

  10. Sickness becomes a lead weight. Still, the mind can soar!

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