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poem- middle August 26, 2014

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For centuries

you were either rich or poor.

You had lots of power or none.

Until the merchant class


They educated their children,

and the middle class


Now a minuscule percent of the population

holds the majority of the wealth, and the middle class

is crumbling.

The rich fight to grab

more and more wealth,

more and more power.

They fight to destroy

public education

and the health system

with elitist ideas about

who deserves what.

Sharing is better

than hoarding.

Spreading wealth

makes society better for all.

Teach everyone.

Heal everyone.

Crime goes down.

Life improves for everyone.

The feudal system

is futile.


19 Responses to “poem- middle”

  1. :: 🙂 🙂 🙂 ::

  2. So true, and very well said. I’m re-reading Walden by Thoreau at the moment, and he’s saying much the same…150 years ago! How is it we’ve not yet figured it out? H xxx

  3. Ever-widening separation of the classes. Society has its deeping wounds and festering scars that may never heal. The human condition to crave dominance leaves them blind to the trail of fatalities left far behind. Still, I see the greater good in humanity and live out my days with hope and the inspiration of the promise of all tomorrows.

  4. howardat58 Says:

    Tax them till it hurts. Especially on share options.

    • I don’t mind taxes at all. I think our taxes should be higher to cover the services government should be providing all citizens. I’m all for Scandinavian style socialism. And straight taxes: no deductions. Set amount. 35% across the board, say. I don’t approve of elitist entitlement. Rich pay the same. Corporations all pay the same.

  5. Powerful poem. Powerful message. Sad to say the American Dream is only just that a dream. Only the rich, powerful and wealthy have access to better education, better opportunities, clean, safe affordable housing, etc…. Sad. I also wanted to share this quote and link.

    I spoke of the heartbreak of political murder that has permanently marked me and my peers, but we have also been profoundly disappointed by politics’ failure to improve the lives of the average citizen. In 1969, the median salary for a male worker was $35,567 (in 2012 dollars). Today, it is $33,904. So for 44 years, while wages for the top 10% have continued to climb, most Americans have been caught in a “Great Stagnation,” bringing into question the whole purpose of the American capitalist economy (and, along the way, shattering our faith in the “American Dream”). The Reagan-era notion that what benefited the 1%—“the establishment”—would benefit everyone has by now been thoroughly discredited, yet it seems that we are still struggling to pick up the pieces after this failed experiment.

    View at

    • I can’t imagine the betrayal that the average American feels. The idea the ‘if you worked hard enough’ you’d achieve the dream is just so much crap. So much climbing over people and damaging everyone. Short sighted.

  6. narble Says:

    Greed is a powerful foe. The thread that binds history together is human nature.

  7. Reblogged this on Observations of Life seen through autistic eyes by Andy Smith and commented:
    This poem really resonates with me

  8. very well written, so true…thanks for the post!

  9. Lorien Says:

    Yes! Thank you! So you have elitists bent on reinstating feudalism in Canada also? Dang! I was hoping to escape American classist bullcrap politics and take refuge in Canada one day, somewhere around Canmore…

  10. ‘The Times They Are A Changing’ wrote Bob Dylan, those times are approaching; ‘the first one now will later be last’. The current system can’t, and won’t, last. 🙂

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