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poem-window salvage August 20, 2014

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The iridescent cellophane

of dragonfly wings

would make excellent

windows in an

insect cathedral.

The colony queen

could sip nectar

from the jeweled flagon

of dragonfly body

and make a benediction

to beauty and sacrifice.



26 Responses to “poem-window salvage”

  1. or even just a smaller cathedral.

  2. This is a great poem Shawn, I love the image of the dragonfly wings representing the windows in the cathedral. Very creative.

  3. words4jp Says:

    Very sweet. 😉

  4. Kim B Says:

    Not sure about some of the line breaks, but that is some gorgeous imagery. Someone needs to build that cathedral.

  5. Dragonfly wings are gorgeous. I just posted a picture of one 5 minutes ago. I love your poem better than mine. I could hate you. LOL But I don’t. Namaste, Brenda

  6. Cool. A little insect mausoleum! Very Addams Family. I Love this poem!!

  7. Wonderful imagery, Shawn. Could you give your valuable comments on my posts, one at a time…I eagerly look forward to your views.

  8. Love your imagery 🙂
    Thanks for following our blog … my co-author, Ron, is a Rotarian, too. 🙂

  9. schn00dles Says:

    Very nice. I’d like to see it continue.

  10. Lorien Says:

    Ooooooohhhhhh. (Said in reverence, upon sight of the cathedral with dragonfly wing windows.)

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